Past Trip Plans and Trip Reports 

May 8-9, 2021 Red Mountain and Ballarat
A few of us will be doing an informal exploratory trip up RT 395 to visit Red Mountain for some mineral collecting and continuing up to Ballarat in search of a beautiful colored marbled. This will be more heavy on driving and we will be prospecting for good collecting locations. Email Andrew for more information.

Clear Creek Management Area Field Trip
May 15-16, 2021

Meet 8:30am, Depart: 9:00am
Leader: Andrew Bloxom and Jimmie Peterson
Cell# (571)-217-9536 (***Please text message only during business hours)
Hobby gem and mineral collectors are drawn to the Clear Creek areas by the presence of over 150 semi-precious mineral and gemstones. One of the most highly mineralized areas in California. The serpentine mass contains two superfund sites, Atlas Mine and Johns-Mansville. Both were associated with the mining and processing of chrysotile asbestos. Other minerals mined from the serpentine mass included cinnabar, chromite, magnesite, and jadeite. The Gem mine (private) located within the serpentine mass is the only source of gem-grade benitoite in the world. They have a fee dig in the tailings if you are interested, but we will not be going on the trip. The rare minerals neptunite and joaquinite have also been found there. Other cool things to hound are jaspers, uvarovite, and plasma agate.
We’ll do a combination of digging for plasma agate and scouring the stream beds for interesting finds. You can’t be disappointed in such a geologically diverse place!
I recommend using the “download offline maps” feature for Google Maps or your own selection of GPS App which allows off grid maps. There isn’t much for cell service in the area.
Coming North on I-5:
Take exit 325 for Jayne Ave (Rt 33) and go west toward Coalinga. Jayne Ave turns into Polk St thru the town of Coa-linga and then turns back into Jayne Ave Continue on Jayne Ave and it make a big right sweeping turn and turns in S Derrick Ave and you are in the middle of the Chevron Oil Field, go ~4miles. Turn left onto Lost Gatos Creek Rd. Fol-low for 21.5mi, turns into Coalinga Rd at the Condon Peak Recreation Area.
Continue another 8.6mi and turn right onto Clear Creek Rd (LOOK FOR SEARCHERS SIGN) Pass over the Ford in the San Benito River. Travel about 2.3 miles, the left just before the locked gate to head up to Jade Mill Campground (36.368356 N, -120.754140 W), SEARCHERS signs will be posted.
Get your permits ahead of time by visiting the follow site, each car needs a general access permit to CCMA and a special permit for the Serpentine Area (ACEC).

Sperry Wash, March 13-14, 2021; (Sperry Wash Flier)Sperry WashMarch 13-14, 2021Meet 8:30am, Depart: 9:00amLeader: Doug FlaughFor questions before the trip, contact Andrew BloxomCell# (571)-217-9536 (***Please text message only during business hours)Email: Andrew.Bloxom@gmail.comWhere: Sperry Wash 50 miles north of Baker, California.Meeting time: Meet at camp at 8:30am Saturday morning. Begin drive to Sperry Wash at 9am.Collecting:Sperry Wash is best known for “petrified bog” with palm (roots, bases & axis cuts), wood (birch & cottonwood), and grasses, from 1 or 2 million years ago. The material is solid in a variety of colors including red, pink, orange, yellow, gray, blue, white and brown. There are vast amounts of material to be found in float over a wide area including large boulders on the hill tops. There are also seams of material for those who enjoy hard rock mining.For Sunday, we will visit the War Eagle Mine, an iron ore mine with secondary gold, silver, and zinc lodes. We’ll be in search of interesting minerals and enjoying the visit to the mine.Road Conditions:High-clearance vehicles are required on the road into Sperry Wash. 4wd is recommended but not essential.All wheel drive vehicles with moderate clearance such as the typical Subaru will be OK if driven carefully. Bring the usual provisions, rock pick, spray bottle, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks and plenty of water.There will be a bonfire on Saturday night for those staying at or visiting the group camp. We will still maintain social distancing and no potluck. Please a weak mask when we are in a group setting.Donations of firewood are also appreciated.Directions to camp:From I-15 North, take the second Baker exit (CA-127).Head north on CA-127 for 48.2 miTurn right onto Old Spanish Trail Hwy and go 5.4 miTurn right onto Furnace Creek Rd and go 4.3 miTurn right onto dirt road and go 0.4 mi to camp.This road is passable to passenger cars with a few dips at small wash crossings.There is a 200 ft cliff at the end of the road beyond the utility poles; don’t “Thelma & Louise” it.In Google Maps:,-116.0717454/35.8133081,-116.1422393/@35.5667632,-116.4860886,94030m/am=t/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!4m1!3e0For those with high maintenance husbands who prefer hotels to camping:Delight's Hot Springs Resort, Tecopa has cabins for rent.Shoshone Inn, Shoshone is a motel 10 miles north of Tecopa.Advance reservations highly recommended.There are also numerous hotels in Pahrump Nevada 35 miles from Tecopa.There are RV Parks in Tecopa and Shoshone.There is one gas station in Shoshone and it is expensive, so best to fill up your tank in Baker.There may not be cell reception at the camp site or in Sperry Wash.On the weekend of the field trip, I may be reached via satellite by going to the following website andselecting the Message link on the left side of the page. Please be prepared to wear a mask and social distance if/when near other members so that we can safely resume our club’s activities in the desert. Thank you!

Cargo Muchacho Mountains Field Trip  (Cargo Muchacho flier)
December 5-6, 2020 
Meet 8:30am, Depart: 9:00am

Leader: Margaret & Bill Hogarth, Jimmy Peterson
Contact Bill for logistical/information inquires
Cell# 909-264-1122 ; Email:

Masks are required for close contact. No potluck.

The Anaheim Searchers will be headed to the Cargo Muchacho Mountains in the southeast Colorado Desert in the Lower Colorado River Valley, in Imperial County, California. This will be an exploratory/prospecting style trip. We will arrive at the site on Friday, December 4. We will camp at an open area near the American Girl Mine (Google map link).

Get gas in El Centro or  there is a gas station 4-5 miles past Ogilby Road at 611 Sidewinder Rd N, Winterhaven, CA 92283.

From Highway 8, Exit Ogilby Road, cross the highway and go north. Go 4 miles, cross the railroad tracks, and shortly after that turn right on American Girl Mine road. In about 2 miles, just before the Y in the road, you'll see a large flat open area where we will be camping. GPS Coords: [32.832143, -114.814761]
Watch for the Searcher signs! There is off-road vehicle activity in the area so we might have neighbors in the campsite. 
Saturday we'll meet at 8:30 a.m. in the campsite.
We'll explore Site B [1] and look for dumortierite, agate, jasper, petrified wood and/or petrified palm. We'll check out the Tumco Ruins and Gold Rock Trading Post. If we have time we might go to Winterhaven Geodes [1,3] and check for geodes, chalcedony, agate, and nodules. We might explore other sites as time allows.
On Sunday morning we'll look for kyanite by the American Girl Mine area [2], and then head home.

Since this is a new area for us, we recommend 4-wheel drive high-clearance vehicles. Camping is dry; bring all water and food as necessary. It might be cold at night. 

1.    James R. Mitchell’s Gem Trails of Southern California (2003), pages 26-27 for Winterhaven Geodes; pages 30-32 for Cargo Muchacho Mountains region
2.    Mindat for American Girl Mine (Cargo Mine; Cargo Muchacho Mine) : 
3.    Mindat for Winterhaven

South Cady Field Trip - Download trip information

October 31, 2020

Meet 8:30am, Depart: 9:00am

Leader: Andrew Bloxom (vehicle: Black 2002 Toyota Tacoma)

Cell# (571)-217-9536 (***Please text message only during business hours)


 The Anaheim Searchers will be to the South Cady Mountains region of I-40 on Halloween for a day of collecting moss agate and jasp-agates in an array of spooky red hues that would make even Dracula’s eyes widen. We’ll collect at 2-3 different collecting locations. This area has been a popular rockhounding locale for decades but still produces some fine quality material. The trails here are rather rough, and 4x4 is recommended, but some 2wd high clearance vehicles could be acceptable. If you want to stick around for Sunday, I will be camping and would be interested to explore some new territory where 4x4 is required. This location is slightly remote (not sure what food Ludlow has open right now) so it makes sense to pack food for lunch and bring plenty of water.


This will be our first trip since COVID-19 began. The Searcher’s board feels that our hobby in particular is well suited to social distancing and nothing about being in the desert makes it difficult to follow the current guidelines and restrictions. With that said, we’ll forgo some of the typical field trip traditions like a group camp and potluck dinner around the bonfire. If you’d like to camp amongst yourselves, feel free to do so, we’re just going to keep the club out of that planning. Please bring a mask and wear it if/when we are in a close group talking. We should be fortunate to be able to resume our group activity in this way and make sure we do everything possible to make it successful and recurrent.


Directions from Barstow, CA (see attached image). We will meet at Lavic Rd., right at the sharp turn where Rt-66 turns left over I-40 toward Sleeping Beauty Mountain.

Opal Mountain, CA March 21-22, 2020

Leader: Jimmie Peterson                         Download Flier

Details: We’ll be heading next to Opal Mountain North of Hinkley, CA. This area is known for common opal in a variety of colors including orange, cherry, white, variegated, and rarely precious. There are also some interesting warty thundereggs with waterline agates in the centers and some other jaspers to find along the way. Archaeological buffs might be drawn to some petroglyphs in the canyons. Jimmie has a jar of precious to prove it, so make sure you ask to see it! We’ll camp on an abandoned ranch (GPS: 34.972556, -117.191479) and have a bonfire and potluck on Saturday night. We’ll meet at the camp at 8:30am and depart at 9am for collecting. Go North on Hinkley Rd from Rt58 for 3.9 miles. Just past the low hill on the left if the turn in. Look for Jimmie’s RV and Searcher’s signs just before the turn and at the camp. This is a dry camping scenario so bring all your own supplies. This is a 4wd trip due to soft sand and some rocky terrain

Afton Canyon, CA March 7-8, 2020

Leader: John O’Connor                                  Download Flier

Details: Afton Canyon in the North Cady Mountains is a beautiful place to explore and scour the washes and upper ridges for a unique blend of jaspers in red/purple/orange/gold/mustard, agates with inclusions, jasp-agates, hematite, and some interesting onyx in float. This area provides an easy access dry BLM Campground with pit toilets next to the mouth of the Canyon, the Mojave River, and the train trestle. Across the River and under the trestle, opposite the campground is Pyramid Canyon. Exploring up this canyon and on the upper ridges is bound to produce some interesting specimens and cutting material. On Saturday, we’ll meet up at 8:30 and depart at 9am to explore the hikeable terrain from the campground and have a potluck dinner and bonfire in the evening. For those who stay on Sunday, we’ll take votes on driving around to enter the Canyon from Basin Rd, exploring some boggy deposits across I-15 to the North, or continuing exploration deeper up the Canyons. The BLM campground is accessible by 2wd vehicles, beyond the campground is 4wd only high clearance, and if we go around to Basin Rd, it’s 4wd, but Subaru type clearance can be appropriate. Bring a bucket, sunscreen, water, food and firewood and let’s have a good time! Contact Andrew Bloxom, the field trip chairperson for any questions.

Direction and additional information:

Cadiz Trilobite Field Trip
February 22-23, 2020 

Meet 8:30am, Depart: 9:00am; [download flier]
Leader: Jimmie Peterson (vehicle: White Jeep Wrangler), cell (714) 904-8573

For questions before the trip, contact Andrew Bloxom
Cell# (571)-217-9536 (***Please text message only during business hours)

The Anaheim Searchers will be making a trip for fossil collecting in a well known locale near Cadiz, CA . This location holds Cambrian trilobites in the Latham shale as well as some other fossils. More information can be found at this link:

Nearby is the Siam Siding which is known for its Chapenite. If there are folks interested to go dig for some of this material that could be done. Also, on Sunday, a trip North to look for Garnets near Chambless will be made.

Camp will be set up Friday night, and all are welcome to a potluck dinner and bonfire on Saturday night.

This is a dry camping location so bring supplies and water.

Directions from Orange County to camp:

GPS:  34.525183, -115.491095


Take 15 North to Barstow, then 40 East to Ludlow.  Exit Ludlow, right at the bottom of the exit, then left at the stop onto Nat’l Trails Hwy (old route 66).  Go East on Nat’l Trails Hwy past Amboy (this is the last gas and supply stop) to Chambless, turn right on Cadiz Rd.  Cadiz Rd goes straight southeast for ~3 miles, and then bends sharply to the left.  It goes a little less than a mile, and then turns right and crosses the tracks.  DO NOT cross the tracks.  You will turn left off Cadiz Rd onto a dirt road about a hundred yards before the turn towards the tracks.  Camp is ahead a ¼ mile, closer to the base of the hills.  There should be Searcher signs at the turn off, and at camp.  You should be able to see the vehicles at camp from the paved road. 

Chuckawalla Springs Field Trip [download flier]

February 1-2, 2020

Meet 8:30am, Depart: 9:00am

Leader: Andrew Bloxom (vehicle: Silver Subaru Crosstrek)

Cell# (571)-217-9536 (***Please text message only during business hours)


 The Anaheim Searchers will be heading into the Chuckawalla Mountains for what is sure to be good collecting and adventure. The road into this collecting area is fun but challenging, helping me to realize that sometimes the journey is half the excitement. 4x4 is highly recommended with high clearance, although drivers with Subaru type vehicles who have previous offroad driving experience may be able to reach the deeper regions up the canyons.  We will encounter loose sand, steep rocky grades, and some small obstacles. This area is known for interesting agates, amygdules, and green moss and white plume agates. Other interesting specimens can also be found like sagenites and calcite rhombs.

We will be dry camping on Graham Pass Rd (GPS: 33.603560, -115.043118). Bring water, firewood, and food for the weekend as this location is fairly remote, but Blythe is 30-40 minutes’ drive to the East. Take I-10 East from Indio until you get to the Ford Dry Lake Rd exit. Take a right at the exit and head back West on Chuckawalla Valley Rd for about 3.2 miles. You will see a yellow sign and Searchers sign for the left turn onto Graham Pass Rd. We will be a few hundred yards on the right by the low trees and drainage berm. We will meet at 8:30am on Saturday morning and head out at 9am. Those who stick around will head back out on Sunday for a shorter day of collecting.

Quartzite Pow Wow, 2020
Our next field trip will be to the Quartzite Pow Wow which runs from January 15-19, 2020. A few Searchers have indicated they will be taking up residence for short times while gathering up all those show goodies and rough material. We will set up camp at the location below and meet up for dinner on Saturday night at the Yacht Club. Andrew won't be staying two days at the show. He would like to drive by the Wiley Well Road and do some de-stressing from Saturday's shopping, and maybe scout out some of the roads up into Chuckwalla Springs for the following field trip. Get in touch with Andrew if you plan to join and we can figure out a schedule. 
B10 RV Park and Campground, 615 W. Main Street, Quartzite, AZ 85346, (928) 927-4393. Quartzite YachtClub Restaurant, Bar & Grill, 1090 W. Main Street, Quartzite AZ 85346. 
Cheers, Andrew,

Kramer Hills Field Trip
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Meet 8:30am, Depart: 9:00am 
(Download field trip flier.)
Leader: Andrew Bloxom (vehicle: Black Toyota Tacoma)
Cell# (571)-217-9536 (***Please text message only during business hours)

The Anaheim Searchers will be heading to Kramer Hills for a December day trip. This area is comprised of a variety of Tertiary geologic units containing agates, jaspers, and petrified palm. We’ll likely visit 2-3 of the collecting sites around the hills including sites with onyx, opal, and the best-known Kee Kay claim for some hard rocking mining of vibrant red jasper and green opalite. There will also be opportunities for plenty of float collecting of colorful chalcedony and unique agates. This trip will involve off road driving, but two wheel drive vehicles with good clearance can be fine in some cases. The meeting point is just off of 395 on Alcudia Road, approx. 25 miles north of Adelanto (the last town you’ll pass heading north on 395). We’ll meet at 8:30am and leave at 9:00. I hope you all can join!

November 10, 2019 Field Trip: Petrified wood, Holbrook, AZ. Email if you are interested.

November 16-17, 2019 Field Trip: Baxter Wash Prospecting: sagenite, jasp-agates, agate. Email if you are interested. Download flyer and map

The Anaheim Searchers will be heading to the North Cady Mountains via the Basin Rd. entry to the Baxter Wash. This area is comprised of a variety of Tertiary volcanic geologic units containing many agates, jaspers, and minerals along with old mines, active claims, and commercial operations. Basin, CA is home to a railroad siding at the eastern entrance to Afton Canyon. We will camp overnight between the Interstate 15 and Basin, off of Basin Rd (see the map below). Saturday night we will return to camp before sundown and prepare a potluck dinner around a bonfire. Then venture back out on Sunday. The roads into Baxter Wash are rough and sandy and 4x4 is required for this trip. I’d like to do a mix of the usual spots mixed in with some prospecting around in quick stops to look for new finds. How about finding those elusive petrified stumps near the fluorite mine?! Prepare for collecting in float and also some hard rock mining for seam agates. We’ll meet at 7:30am and depart at 8am to take advantage of the sunlight. I hope you all can join! Email:, Field Trip Chairperson

June Field Trip

Place: Himalayan Tourmaline mine. Photos.

Date: 6/23/19 (Final)


The Himalaya Mine is giving us a great deal. The regular admission fee is $75. If we have 20 attendees it is $60 and if we have 30  attendees it will only be $50.

Tools are provided.

Bring 5 gal buckets. 

We can bring easy-up shade, but be prepared to share.

Under 12 years is free.

Bring your own lunch and plenty to drink.

Follow the instructions on the flyer below.

This is a pay site. We will, however, get a discount depending on the number of people who attend.

Leader: Lydia Pattison (714) 453-8186

October Field Trip: South Cady Mountains Day Trip
Saturday 10/26/19, 8 am (Download flyer and map)
The Anaheim Searchers would like to kick-off the 2019-2020 collecting season with a day trip to Sleeping Beauty Mountain in the South Cady’s. This area and the nearby canyons, washes, and hills are littered with some of the most beautiful specimens of jaspers, jasp-agates, amygdules, plumes, and stringers (Fig 1). Additionally, along the Power Line Rd. are numerous old diggings and spots to collect. We will meet at 8am at the Power Ln. location shown on map (Fig 3) with GPS coordinates and directions, leave at 8:30am and start around the slopes of Sleeping Beauty Mountain in the morning, then take an excursion down Power Line Rd, and explore for some seam agate near an old barite mine (Fig. 2). We will plan to wrap up around 5pm. Bring your camping gear if you want, but there will be no formal camp or potluck since this is a last-minute trip. 4x4 is recommended, but the spots are not too far from the main road, so we can carpool easily if needed. Bring water and sun protection. 
Leader: Andrew Bloxom (vehicle: Silver Subaru Crosstrek)
Cell# (571)-217-9536 (***Please text only during working hours)
email:, Field Trip Chairperson

May Field Trip

Place: Clear Creek – Plasma Agate

Date: 5/18/19 & 5/19/19

Details: This area is in central California between Coalinga and Salinas. You will need 2 permits, vehicle entry for CCMA and serpentine area special permits.  You can get these permits at Camping tentatively at Oak Flat just inside the entrance. More details and further directions to follow in the next slab.

Leader: Andrew Bloxom (571) 217-9536

March 16-17, 2019

Field Trip: Tentative – Afton Canyon

Date: March 16 and 17, 2019

Leader: John O’Connor (714)924-2226

Saturday: Afton Canyon; Jasper, Agate, Rocks
Sunday: TBD
Camp: Afton Canyon Campground (BLM) has Toilets and Water and some shade shealters. Camping fee $6.00 per night. Take 1-15 North, 30 miles north of Barstow get off at the Afton Road, go right (East), follow road 3.6 miles to Campground meet at entrance sign at 9:30. I will also be at the freeway exit I-15 & Afton Road until 9:00, if anyone wants to follow me in. Road should be passable for all type of vehicles.
Afton Canyon is noted as the “Little Grand Canyon” It was the bottom of a prehistoric Lake Manx that was uplifted and then eroded over time to form a canyon. This is also a wildlife viewing area (big horn sheep, frogs, birds, etc.)

February 16-17, 2019

Date: 2/16/19 and 2/17/19

Place: Ludlow area

Leader: Jimmy (714) 904-8573

Saturday: Copper minerals and Thulite

Sunday: TBD

Campsite: Hwy 40 off at Cruceo rd., go West toward Dairy Queen. Turn Left on Rt 66 for 1 mile (runs along the west traveling side of the Hwy). Camp site will be on the right.
Saturday meet at Dairy Queen at 9 am

January, 2019 Field Trip

Quartzite Shows and Events:
Desert Gardens - Gems & Minerals
January 1 - February 28, 2019
Prospectors Panorama
January 1 - February 27, 2019
QIA Pow Wow - Gems, minerals and jewelry
January 16 - January 20, 2019
Tyson Wells Rock & Gem Show
January 4 - January 23, 2019

November Field Trip: Ludlow area Nov. 17-18th, 2018
The material we will be looking for on Sat. will be copper/iron ores.
Sunday will be Thulite.
We will camping at the Ludlow gravel quarry. It is reached by going 3 miles west from the Dairy Queen in Ludlow on old Highway 66. Turn right on a dirt road for about 1/2 mile to the quarry. There will be
Searchers signs at the turn. The gravel quarry is a large flat are for camping further from the trains.
We will leave at 9 AM on Sat.morning from the Dairy Queen. On Sat. night we will have a potluck around
Sunday morning we can go to the Thulite site which is about 11 miles East of Ludlow.
Questions, call Jim Peterson at 714 904 8573

 Sponsored by the Searles Lake Gem & Mineral Society
October 8-9, 2016 Saturday 7:30AM to 5PM - Sunday 7:30AM to 4PM
SLG&MS Lapidary and Show Building  - 13337 Main St. (corner of Main & Trona Rd.)
FIELD TRIPS - you drive your own car 
DEALER SPECIAL - PINK HALITE - (Friday 2 to 6:30PM) $150 car+driver, $50 each added person)
SEARLES DRY LAKE  - (2 1/2 hour trips on Saturday, 4 1/2 hours on Sunday)
Registration: 7:30-9:00 am  and 1:30-2:30 pm - you must register during these times to go on field trips
 Mud Trip- Saturday Only - Departs ONLY at 9AM- Cluster & barrel hanksite, trona, borax -  $15 per CAR
 Blow Hole - Saturday Only - Departs ONLY at 2:30PM- Hanksite, halite, borax, sulfohalite - dry surface- $15 per CAR
  Pink Halite - Sunday Only - Departs ONLY at 9AM- In brine, beneath hard salt - $20 per CAR
 Pinnacles National Natural Landmark   -  Self guided, information at show -  FREE
 Searles Valley Minerals' Plants  - Saturday only: 10:40,11:25, 12:10, 12:55 and 1:40  - in bus - FREE
All Pink Halite collected with permission of Searles Valley Minerals
20 Dealers - 50 exhibits - Geode cutting and sales - Demonstration -  Free parking
Snacks & drinks - Grand Prize Drawing - Hourly door prizes
Good Food in Catered Cafeteria in Show Building 
LUNCH: Sat. and Sun. - 10AM to 4PM    DINNER: Fri. ($11.00) and Sat. ($11.00)- 5PM to 7PM
Sat. 6 to 10AM, Sun. 6 to 9AM  -  Adults: $5.00, children under 7: $3.00
Large groups - make advanced reservations for prompt service - call Gini Schwartz (760)372-5720
FORMER TRONAN'S PICNIC - Sat.  10AM, Trona Elementary School (on Athol St.)
TRONA'S HISTORY HOUSE  - Sat. 10AM to 4PM, Sun. 10AM to 2PM
 VALLEY WELLS RECREATION AREA   - 5.3 miles north of show, $8/vehicle (dry camp, no resv.)
Find LOCAL AREA MOTELS   (Most are in Ridgecrest, 25 miles west)
Visit our web page at   or  call Jim or Bonnie Fairchild (760)372-5356


Trip Report

Opal Mountain March 2015

Jim Peterson secured a idea camp that had pretty much everything needed. Firewood, shade, close to a good road. Reasonable amount of Searchers attended the field trip.  We traveled in grassy wildflower covered hills. Incredible rainstorms made this area blossom to erase the signs of the arid desert. The material collected was pretty good, but no precious opal was found. Great photos were obtained at Inscription canyon. The weather was close to prefect, potluck was superb. I wish to thank all who participated 



February Field Trip Plan 2015

February 21 &22, 2015

Lake Havasu

Leaders Jack Horn and Curt Clark

Searchers February field trip will be the an area just outside of Lake Havasu City. Different types of agate and jasper are plentiful in the area. There is red jasper with white and blue striping. The agates come in many colors, mostly pastel colors. There is also a site with a nice purple agate. Pieces are all float, large and small. Buckets, ham-mers, a spray bottle and good walking shoes are all you need for some great rock gathering. The road in is not long, but it does have some deeper sandy areas and a couple of steep, short climbs. 4 wheel and high clearance is highly recommended. Temperatures should still be pleasant. Always bring things for all conditions.

There is a BLM dispersed campsite called Craggy Wash just down the road and mo-tels and food in Havasu.

Directions: Drive will take around 4 to 5 hours. Take 15 toward Barstow to the 40 to the Arizona border. At the 9 mile marker take highway 95 South toward Lake Ha-vasu. The BLM site is on the left side around 11 miles from the 95 turn off. It is down a dirt road a little ways into a wash. GPS: 34° 35.636'N 114° 21.616'W .

Field Trip will start 9 AM (California time) from the McDonalds in the Walmart shopping center on the east side of 95. Very close to the airport on the North side of town. 6501 Showplace Ave.

Staying in Havasu: There are lots of motels in Havasu, some in the $60 range. Lots of good places to eat too. We have set up a special deal at the Travelodge. Normally 120, you can stay for $79 if you mention Searchers or Jack Horn to JC at the registration desk. This is a very nice, clean motel with free break-fast. There are a lot of different activities going on in Ha-vasu, make any reservations early to make sure you have a place.

Any questions - Jack or Linda Horn 714 779-6664