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The Searchers Next Field Trip!

Field Trip to Copper World, June 1-2, 2024
On June 1 & 2, 2024, we will be traveling to ‘Copper World’, an area in the Clark Mountain range, 35 miles west of Primm, Nevada. 
Campsite meeting: 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.
You can collect at many mines within the area.The most notable being the Mohawk and Copper World Mines.
Directions: Head towards Las Vegas on I 15 for about 4 hours by car and 5 hours by RV. When you pass Baker, continue another 30 miles to the Cima Road exit.There is a Stuckey’s store sign clearly visible from the freeway. At the stop sign turn left, which will take you over the freeway and to the Searcher’s campsite which will be about 0.5 miles up on the left side.
Copper World’s mining history spans from 1868 to 1978, however the mines are inactive today. Mala-chite in veins and stringers (of basalt) give the effect of spiderweb turquoise in brown matrix. Copper King,Mohawk and other mines are the result of extensive diggings which produced lead, copper, silver, and gold, as well as hematite, pyrite, galena and zinc. Latest collections include Azurite, Malachite (blue), Chrysolite, Chrysocolla, Chalcopyrite (green), possibly even Smithsonite, Calcite, Sphalerite, Hemimor-phite, Limonite, and Cerussite.
Note: Some minerals will only be found within mine tunnels but most can be found as smaller specimens on the abundant dumps. Club members will help identify specimens.
What to bring:Food, water, and wood. It is a dry campsite with supplies, restrooms, and gas nearby @ Stuckey’s. Sunscreen, hats, and dress for the variable, desert weather.
Tools:Flashlights, picks, chisels, sledgehammers, rope, gads, carry bags, etc.
Road conditions: Typical desert roads except for the last mile to the Copper World. Exploring beyond is a bit steep and rough.The Searchers camp is ok for Trailers or RV’s.Searchers Gem and Mineral Society assumes no responsibility for injuries or property damage due to accidents, carelessness, or Acts of God.
Searchers and their guests assume all risks during clubactivities. 
Rick Webber:

CFMS-Regional and AFMS National Show
Greetings, Searchers! The big, annual Federation show is coming quickly—and it’s not just any Federation show this time around. It’s the combined CFMS-regional and AFMS-national show. See you at the big show at the Ventura Fairgrounds! Friday May 24, Sat.25, and Sun.26, 2024.

Clear Creek Management Area Field Trip ; download handout 
May 18-19, 2024
Meet 8:30am, Depart: 9:00am

Leader: Bill & Margaret Hogarth and Jimmie Peterson 
Cell# 909-264-1122 & 909-815-3045
Hobby gem and mineral collectors are drawn to the Clear Creek areas by the presence of over 150 semi-precious mineral and gemstones. This is one of the most highly mineralized areas in California. The serpentine mass contains two superfund sites, Atlas Mine and Johns-Mansville. Both were associated with the mining and processing of chrysotile asbestos. Other minerals mined from the serpentine mass included cinnabar, chromite, magnesite, and jadeite. The Gem mine (private: located within the serpentine mass is the only source of gem-grade benitoite in the world. They have a fee dig in the tailings on the road up to our camping area if you are interested, but we will not be going on that trip. The rare minerals neptunite and joaquinite have also been found there. Other cool things to hound are jaspers, uvarovite, and plasma agate. We’ll do a combination of digging for plasma agate and scouring the stream beds for interesting finds. You can’t be disappointed in such a geologically diverse place! Please RSVP if you plan to attend, so we can try and get campsites for all.
Permits Needed!!
Get your permits ahead of time by visiting the following site, each car needs a general access permit to CCMA AND a special permit for the Serpentine Area (ACEC).
$11.00 for the two permits plus a fee of $6.00
We will also need a gate code; we will send that information out before the trip.
I recommend using the “download offline maps” feature for Google Maps or your own selection of GPS App which allows off grid maps. There isn’t much for cell service in the area.
From the I-5 Freeway: Take exit 325 for Jayne Ave (Rt33) and go west toward Coalinga (top up fuel here as there are no more stations). Continue on Jayne Ave, which is renamed Polk St. inside the town of Coalinga, then back into Jayne Ave after passing thru town.  Continue on Jayne Ave and it makes a big right (north) sweeping turn, becoming S. Derrick Ave and you are in the middle of the Chevron Oil Field, go ~4 miles.
Turn left onto Los Gatos Creek Rd. Follow for 21.5 miles, turns into Coalinga Rd at the Condon Peak Recreation Area. Continue another 8.6 miles and turn right on to Clear Creek Rd (LOOK FOR SEARCHERS SIGN). Pass over the shallow  ford in the San Benito River. Travel about 2.3 miles, turn left just before the locked gate to head up to Jade Mill Campground (36.368356, -120.754140), SEARCHERS signs will be posted.
Camp is approximately 6 hrs from Orange County. The camp is a dry camp with a pit toilet, bring everything you need. The campsites in Jade Mill are under mature oak trees and suitable for RV, trailers and tents.
You may want heavy tools for the Plasma Agate, as some of it is in boulders you will need to break up if you want to take some. For the stream collecting, a rock pick and spray bottle will suffice. There are trace amounts of mercury, asbestos and arsenic as you read to get your permits. Having a filter mask is not a bad idea.
Vehicles: Although we will be on dirt roads, a high clearance vehicle or 4x4 is still recommended. If you come to camp in a car, we will have you carpool with someone for the collecting.
Potluck: On Saturday night we will have our standard potluck, bring something to share if you wish to participate. If campfires are allowed in May please bring some firewood if you are able.
The latest road report from Clear Creek indicates that the road to the Jade Mill campground had been graded by the BLM, and should be passable for all vehicles including RVs. The creek is also passable and should be lower still by the trip. So for now the trip is again a GO! If things change we will let you know.



Location: Hauser Geode Beds, Palo Verde, CA

Leader: Rick Webber

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