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The Searchers Next Field Trip!



November Trip to Rowley Mine is on page 5 of the November Slab. The Slab can be viewed on the website using a mobile device. 




Location: Top Notch

Leader: Rick Webber

Join us on Saturday, December 16 and Sunday, December 17, 2023 as we explore the Top Notch area.

The 2023 December 16-17 Searchers Field Trip will be to the Top Notch area south of Afton Canyon. It is in the Mojave Trails National Monument, with dispersed camping at the North Cady Campground. Doug Flaugh has generously shared his detailed Google Drive Top Notch Map with the Searchers.  Materials to be found: fluorite, jasper and geodes. Rich Webber is the trip leader:

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