January 2022 Burro Creek and Quartzsite
We will make up for the short trip in December with a 4-10 day trip to Arizona in January . The first part of the trip Jan 15-18 will be collecting at Burro Creek. We will be staying at the Burro Creek Campground near Wikieup and field trips will leave at 8AM daily. The campground is a nice one with flush toilets, drinking water, and dump stations. There is a (funky) motel in Wikieup for non-campers. I expect fires will be permitted in camp, so bring some wood. We will have a potluck for those that wish on Sunday night. There was a barbeque joint in Wikieup we could visit for dinner one evening if people wish.
Burro Creek is a large (beautiful) area to explore with good materials. There is lots of Pastelite (a fine grained porcelain jasper with pastel colors) as well as other agates and jaspers, including the famous (but elusive) Burro Creek purple agate. Access to Burro Creek is sometimes possible along an easy graded road, but there is a stream crossing at the bottom, and if the water is high this can become impassable. If the stream is up we will be forced to enter Burro Creek using the 4x4 trail (aptly called suicide) we pick up at Nothing Az. Needless to say this route requires a high clearance vehicle, preferably 4x4. I will lead the Burro Creek part of the trip (Steve Duncan, mrsteveduncan2@gmail.com, 7147247102), though I am always open to the idea of anyone showing us new locations (and am happy to have jeeps lead down suicide).
From this point the trip becomes self led. The 19th is a travel day to Quartzsite, where the Desert Gardens show is in full swing. This is my favorite show for rough. I may very well be going home at this point because of some other commitments. But folk who stay can find lots of dispersed camping on BLM land (near all the snowbirds) or folks have been known to stay in local campgrounds with showers etc. I expect the group will firm up Quartzsite plans while we are in Burro Creek. The reason to be in Quartzite at this time is the PowWow, and its daily Field trips Jan 20-24. The field trip link has a lot of info about these trips, they are good trips, and cost $2/person/trip. And the PowWow itself is a very good show.
Jimmy Peterson is a knowledgeable leader to the chipboard location. One of the PowWow field trips goes to this location, but the Searchers could possibly go on a different day with Jimmy leading. So the hypermotivated can go on 9 days of field trips and visit 2 rock shows in 10 days. These plans are firm. Contact me if you have any questions.
The February field trip will be led by Doug Flaugh to Hector Hills and Hector Flats Feb 12&13, 2022. The trip will be to North Hector for banded jasper and Hector Hills for various chalcedony. Additional sites may include
Hector Flats for tumbling material and a side trip to explore the lava tubes and caves of Pisgah Crater. Four wheel drive is recommended due to some long stretches of deep sand, however most high clearance vehicles will be
able to make it if driven purposefully. The camping site is at Lavic Siding. Directions from Barstow, CA : exit at Hector Rd and turn right at the end of the off ramp, then turn left onto old Rt 66. Follow Rt 66 for 9.4 miles to where the road makes a sharp left turn to cross Hwy 40. Do not cross the freeway, instead turn right off the pavement onto Lavic Rd. Bear left onto the unmarked road and follow for 0.6 miles to the fork and turn left down the hill to the camp site. There should be Searchers signs marking the way. This is a dry camp, bring everything you need. Don't forget water, sunscreen, hats and rock tools. Minimum rock tools is probably a rock hammer and a spray bottle, the more serious may wish to bring geo picks, shovels, small sledge hammers, gads etc. We are again allowed to have fires so bring some wood for a Sat night fire, and we will also have a potluck Sat night for those who wish to partake. Saturday and Sunday morning we will meet up at the junction of Lavic Rd and old Rt66, and the trips will leave from there. Rally time is 8:30 am. As usual people who don't have the right type of vehicle will try to arrange to ride with someone who does.  These plans are firm, contact Doug at
dwflaugh@aol.com or 310 946 2487 for more details.