Membership On-line Form
The Searchers Gem and Mineral Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit California corporation that promotes the study and appreciation of earth sciences. We rely on our members to volunteer to serve on club committees, fill board positions and work at club events. Membership is available to anyone who shares an interest in earth sciences, demonstrates a congenial nature, and agrees to abide by the organizations' By-Laws, and Standing Rules. Searchers reserves the right to revoke any application that it feels is not in the club's best interests. 
Membership dues are payable annually for each calendar year. Membership dues are $25 for an individual and $35 for a family. The annual dues amount is subject to change. Renewal membership dues are due January 1 of each year. Club membership automatically terminates if renewal dues remain unpaid as of March 1.

By filing out this form, I understand that my club membership will automatically terminate as of March 1 unless my annual membership dues are paid by that date.    I agree to have my contact information available to club members for club communications. I can also decline to give my contact information.
I request to become a member of the Searchers' Gem and Mineral Society. I agree to abide by the organization's By-Laws and Standing Rules.  
Our club 's newsletter, The Rock Slab News, is published monthly, and distributed to members electronically. 
Membership applications are accepted at the Club Workshop and prospective members may tour and observe the activities. 
The Searchers Gem and Mineral Society was formed for the purpose of banding together a group of congenial persons for the purpose of:
  • Studying mineralogy and the earth sciences by means of association with other mineralogical societies and with their members. 
  • Presentation of public exhibitions, lectures, and similar programs.
  • Field trips for the exploration, study, and collection of specimens.
  • The encouragement of interest among young people and the fostering of interest in mineralogy and the lapidary arts.
  • The procurement and maintenance of collections of minerals, mineral products, and related pictures, writing, and other information thereof. 
  • All other means which are appropriate to the accomplishment of the primary objectives above set forth. 
Rev. 10/23/2022​