JANUARY 23 – & 24 : QUARTZSITE ROADRUNNERS POW WOW SHOW. Coordinate field trips with QRGMC president Wayne Glover.

FEBRUARY 20th -21st: TECOPA - Exploring Sperry Wash and China Camp areas for petrified wood and plant material, Trilobites, agates, jaspers. Leaders: Robert Burson & Andrew Hoekstra

MARCH 19th & 20th : LAVIC & SIAM SIDINGS / MARBLE MOUNTAINS - Jasper, thulite, agates, chapinite, trilobites, and others. Leaders: Joe Goetz & Steve Duncan.

APRIL 23rd: SANTA MONICA MTNS – Fossils (good for kids) & Agate Leaders: Jason Badgley & Andrew Hoekstra

MAY 28th , 29th & 30th : WILEY’S WELL – geodes, etc. Leader TBD

JUNE 18th: HIMALAYA MINE TOURMALINES - Dig your own pink and green California tourmalines from the world’s most famous tourmaline mine near the beautiful Lake Henshaw in San Diego County, 20 miles east of Pala. Over 200,000 lbs. produced since 1898 including quartz crystals, lepidolite, topaz, morganite, and other pegmatite minerals. Leaders: Mark & Linda Nelson.

JULY 9th: WRIGHTWOOD – Collect Actinolite and visits to sites along the San Andreas Fault Leaders: see actual sites where the North American Plate collides with the Pacific Plate along the San Andreas Fault. Leaders: Don Ogden & Mark Nelson.

AUGUST 2nd: NIPOMO to the Orcutt Gem and Mineral Society’s show. We will join in one of their field trips, which may include collecting Serpentine. Leaders: Joe Goetz, OMS president Alexis Van Natta.

SEPTEMBER 2nd to 5th : HOLBROOK ARIZONA - to collect petrified wood near the fabulous Petrified Forest. Leaders: Carolyn Duncan & Mark Nelson.

OCTOBER 8th & 9th: SEARLES LAKE - Hanksite and Pink halite crystals and other borate minerals. Leaders: Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society.

OCTOBER 8th & 9th: WHITTIER CLAIM AREA - honey onyx, agate, jasper, palm root, Early Man Site and more. Leaders: Joe Goetz & Jay Valle.

NOVEMBER 5th & 6th: RAINBOW LEDGE CLAIM AREA - jasp-agate in a rainbow of pastel colors including a yellow and gunmetal blue with dendrites, material with vugs of druze quartz crystals - Leaders: Indian Wells Gem & Mineral Society

NOVEMBER 25th - 27th: OWENS VALLEY AREA - tiny aquamarines, amazonite, garnets, epidote sprays, stilbite and quartz crystals. Leaders: Joe Goetz & Robert Burson.


For up-to-date information on these field trips and how to joining the trip please see your club’s field trip leader or call Joe Goetz at (626) 260-7239.