The Searchers Rockhounding Checklist

Suggested items to go rock hounding


Basic Desert Gear (be safe don’t underestimate)

  • Drinking WATER: Dehydration can really ruin your rocking hounding experience and send you to the hospital.

  • First Aid kit: basic kit is fine.

  • Medication: prescription and over-the-counter (aspirin, Tylenol, etc)

  • Trail Food: nuts, snacks, fruit

  • Long Sleeves

  • Sun hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Sturdy walking shoes/hiking boots: Collecting areas generally have rough footing. Ankle support is best.

Basic Rockhounding Gear

  • Gloves: Leather is the best.

  • Eye protection: Protect against flying rock chips when hammering.

  • Collecting Bags and/or Buckets

  • Spray bottle with water. Additional water to refill bottles and/or drink in needed.

  • Rock pick

  • Hoe pick

  • Trowel

Additional/Advanced Tools

  • Gads

  • Sledge hammer.

  • Shovel

  • Snake guards: you can find these at hunting supply stores

  • Crowbar or pry bar: A basic tool every rock hound should have. 22" pry bars are good basic tools, although 30" and larger are needed for really heavy work.

You can’t be too carful

  • More water

  • Cell phone

  • GPS

  • Flashlight & batteries

  • Food

  • Extra clothes

  • Day pack 


Download Rockhounding Checklist PDF